Breastfeeding & Work: Info for Employers

Employer Support for Breastfeeding

90% of women in Washington State choose to nurse their baby, and most plan to continue when they return to work. More than half of all mothers with infants go back to work just weeks or months after their babies are born. Many moms say returning to work is one of the most common reasons for giving up breastfeeding before they want to. Support from employers is so important!

What are the Requirements for Employers?

The requirements are simple: a clean private area to express milk and a short break every 2 to 3 hours.


Supporting Nursing Employees Benefits Everyone!

Higher Productivity – providing breastfeeding support results in higher productivity, increased employee satisfaction, strong company loyalty and lower employee turn-over.

Less Missed Work – parents of formula-fed infants miss three times as much work as compared to parents of breastfed babies.

Good Investment – companies with lactation programs experience a positive return on investment.

Improved Status – supporting breastfeeding employees improves your business’ reputation in your community.

Complying with the Federal Breaktime for Nursing Mother’s Law can be as Simple as Providing:

  • Flexible break time for employees to express milk or nurse their babies
  • A private, non-bathroom place with a door that locks
  • A written policy outlining your support
  • Information on how to combine employment with breastfeeding

Worksite Lactation Policy

Having a worksite lactation support policy in place is a great way to ensure both the health and productivity of your workforce. Here are some policy examples:

Helpful Resources and Toolkits

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